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Hi there! Welcome to my story. I’ve been planning to have a blog for a very long time now but somehow I didn’t get around to it. The beginning of the year, however, seems a perfect fit for such an occasion, don’t you think? Last year, I started writing articles on Medium but the topics I tackle there aren’t travel-related. Besides, I wanted to have something that was completely mine regarding the layout, look, fonts, etc.

I started this blog with one thought in mind – to combine writing and travelling, some of my top two joies de vivre, and to share it with people, no matter how many will read my posts.


I’ve always been fond of writing. When I was in primary school, my friend and I were writing letters to each other and leaving them in each other’s letterboxes, even though we were in the same class and lived in the same neighbourhood. But it was fun. I still remember that excitement and anticipation while waiting for a reply! At the age between 8-10 I also wrote a story or two, and in later years I enjoyed my essay assignments very much, although I hated (okay, I despised!) homework that involved making sentences with words given by the teacher – weird, isn’t it? The essay assignments weren’t always about things I was interested in (obviously), but I did enjoy the process.

During my studies, writing was something I couldn’t escape and had to do on a weekly basis. Truth is, every semester I would choose literature and writing – related classes which required creating various kinds of essays. I did that on purpose, knowing it would challenge me. At times it was making my brain drift towards a coma-like state, and therefore made me miss the deadline a few times. As time went by, however, I learned to appreciate writing those looong essays even more, especially now, when the world seems to crave shorter and shorter messages and one-sentence information (just the headlines will do).

I haven’t been on as many trips as I’d like, and, unfortunately, I have lost photographs from a few of them but there’s a chance I might get them back if my external disc turns out to be fixable. I’m going to write about a few of my previous trips and, of course, the new ones. Apart from that I also intend to write a word or two about some travel and photography – related events whenever I attend any.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say and won’t judge too cruelly if I make (a) mistake(s) 😉

I am looking forward to this blogging journey.

See you on the next pages,


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